Scheepjes Bookazine YARN 11 - Macro Botanica

Oppskriftshefte nr. 11 Macro Botanica, inneholder 16 oppskrifter og fotoinspirasjon. Merk! Med engelsk tekst og oppskrifter.

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In This Bookazine
  • 16 patterns, including:
    • 11 crochet patterns
    • 4 knitting patterns
    • 1 Tunisian crochet pattern
  • 20 different Scheepjes Yarns
  • 3 pattern skill levels (5 x beginner, 10 x intermediate, 1 x advanced) 
  • 3 interviews with inspiring artists
  • 2 complementary articles
  • Simy’s Photo Challenge

Warmer seasons are approaching, when trees and plants begin to grow and we look on with renewed admiration at the wonderful flora that Mother Nature has to offer. Scheepjes shifts our focus on the fascinating world of botany which becomes an even greater source of inspiration as we zoom in on the details. This world of Macro Botanica is the theme of the 11th issue of Scheepjes YARN Bookazine, exploring the botanical world through a macro lens.

The chapters Attract, Reproduce, Defend and Grow each pay tribute to the incredible qualities of Mother Nature, with her power of attraction, reproduction and defence mechanisms and her ability to blossom and grow. This issue celebrates plant life with 16 unique knit and crochet designs scattered among in-depth articles on, for example, the Fibonacci Sequence, as well as interviews with artists who have each found their own creative inspiration in botanica.

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